It all started when...

I began drawing religiously at the age of five. My mom had been an artist so I grew up surrounded by her work. I dreamed of one day making it a career of my own.

In college, I steered away from visual arts once I found out that I could sing. After graduating, teaching, marrying and having kids, I then returned to my first love - painting. 

I started doing craft shows regularly, but I had my eyes set on the chicken coop that was in our back yard. In 1992, we made that dream a reality and converted it into our shop. By the late 90's we had added on and doubled the store's size. It became a family business in 2000 when my husband, Bryan, sold his restaurant and began working with me full-time. 

We are now beginning our 27th year. We have since expanded our sales to cabin decor stores throughout Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming and Arkansas. In addition to this, we offer monthly art classes for small groups. 

Our mission is to offer a selection of unique, locally made decor and gifts that you can not find anywhere else. We commit to using almost entirely reclaimed goods,  transforming someone's junk into someone else's treasure, while reducing waste for Mother Earth. 

Though the job is certainly stressful at times, it is still my dream job. I am so happy to be able to call this home.

- Tracy Kindler