Although 80% of the store is made by our family on-site, we do offer a variety of other local gifts and goods - candles, foods, fabrics, jewelry and more!

Trudy Wicker, Fremont - Trudy is in the process of cleaning out her deceased father-in-laws home in Ogalala , NE. He was a hoarder of many unique antiques and vintage finds and she has found her niche in using much of this in her painted work.

Lois Svoboda, Fremont - My good friend for many years has made use of her beautiful backyard garden, drying and pressing real flowers into necklaces and earrings.

Joan Johnson, Waterloo - Joan is the most recent to join our consigner family, adding table runners, reversible aprons, and Nebraska-inspired vintage clothing.

Renee Metcalf, Blair - Renee has a free and funky style to her painted artwork. She uses bright, whimsical colors which match her bubbly personality.

Michelle Kildow, Springfield - Michelle has been with me for several years. She has her own distinct look which is simple and precise. Michelle's painting style is universally appealing and popular. She does a lot with wording on canvases, cupboard doors, and wooden plates.

Susan Vanderloo, Phoenix - Susan and I met through my sister; they worked alongside each other as flight attendants. Susan creates awesome, detailed and meticulous fabric creations but she also dabbles successfully in many medias, as all successful crafters learn to do.